what others say about us

Injury-pedia were a great help when someone ran into the back of my car. They helped me work out what to do next and gave me some valuable advice that made things easier.

Elizabeth Thomas

Detroit, Michigan

The team at injury-pedia were consistent in their efforts to ensure I could maneuver through the legal system. The result was the award of a reasonable settlement that paid my medical bills and loss of earnings. Much appreciated.

Richard Williams

Quincy, Washington

I tripped over the sidewalk outside a government building. They said I couldn’t sue but Injury-pedia helped me get compensation.

Gemma Elżbieta Crawford

Selby, South Dakota

When a truck hit my car it was hard to work out who to sue. Your articles helped me get in touch with the right people.

Benilda Lazareto

I had a motorcycle accident. I sued the car that hit me and got compensation. Thank you

Robert Anand

San Angelo, Texas

A friend referred me to Injury-pedia after you helped him. Your guidance gave me the courage to pursue a claim against my employer, thank you.

Tanvi Dalal

When I had my accident last year I did not know what to expect from the legal side of things. I had a rough idea but I needed a guiding hand. An online search took me to Injury-pedia and upon reading the articles I had more idea about how to approach lawyers, how to speak to insurance companies, and how to keep fighting when I was told I should give up my claim. I received $2,000 compensation and I give Injury-pedia my grateful thanks for helping me when I needed it.

Russell Allinson

Milltown, New Jersey