Tennessee’s Motorcycle Helmet Law

Tennessee, like approximately 20 other states has a universal helmet law. This law means that anyone who is operating a motorcycle or traveling as a passenger on one has to wear a motorcycle helmet.

In fact, section 55-9-302 of Tennessee’s Code Annotated states that a helmet must comply with the federal safety regulations. However, if you are more than 21 years old your helmet can vary in terms of its safety features.

If you fail to wear a helmet, you could end up with a class C misdemeanor. This offense could result in you facing a $40 fine or no more than 30 days in jail, or both.

Please note that the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has a Motorcycle Operator Manual that is full of licensing and safety information.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in the state of Tennessee and you were not wearing a motorcycle helmet, any personal injury lawsuit that you file could be affected. This is particularly the case if you are looking to get compensation for head injuries.

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A civil jury may decide that you are negligent because you did not wear a helmet. The jury may also decide that you share part of the blame for the injuries that occurred as a result of the accident. If this happens, any compensation that you may be awarded could be reduced by your percentage of blame.

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