You asked: Who is Gucci Mane lawyer?

When hip-hop notables Migos, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame and newcomer Lil Baby face legal troubles, they call on criminal defense attorney Drew Findling. He was recently christened #BillionDollarLawyer by Memphis rapper Young Dolph because of his penchant for advocating for rap stars.

Who is DaBaby’s lawyer?

However, DaBaby’s attorney, Drew Findling, is now vehemently denying Laws’ version of the altercation and asserts that Laws is not the slap victim, as reported by TMZ.

Who was Big Meech lawyer?

Now, the Black Mafia Family leader will likely be released in 2028 instead of 2031. “He has demonstrated strong commitment to rehabilitation during his incarceration,” Brittany Barnett, Meech’s lawyer, wrote in a court filing.

Who is Nicole Moorman?

She’s a criminal defense attorney who previously defended rapper Lil Durk. Moorman is a criminal defense attorney based in the Atlanta area. She is a member of the firm Arora & LaScala, and her face is prominently featured on the front page of the firm’s website.

Who snitched on Meech?

According to Netline, Omari McCree and William Marshall were the individuals who allegedly snitched on Big Meech. Police allegedly used the pair to build a case against Demetrius Flenory and his brother Southwest T for their involvement in the Black Mafia Family.

Who is King von lawyer?

Trial Lawyer. Former President of @NACDL.

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Who is rapper trouble signed to?

When picked up June 8, 2005, Unknown signed a confidential-source agreement and described his role in BMF, naming Demetrius Flenory as the source of the cocaine. Chad “J-Bo” Brown, supplied him with cocaine on behalf of Demetrius.

How did Meech get caught?

When they were arrested Big Meech and Southwest T pled guilty. … They were arrested in a massive drug raid orchestrated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During these raids, the DEA seized $3 million in cash and assets, 2.5 kilograms of cocaine, and numerous weapons according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Did bleu DaVinci tell on Big Meech?

The launch of BMF hasn’t been without controversy though. Rapper Bleu DaVinci, who was formerly affiliated with BMF before getting locked up and called out for allegedly becoming a federal informant, warned executive producer 50 Cent, telling him that he better not play with his portrayal on the show.