What are the types of juristic person?

What is an example of a juristic person?

A juristic person has a seperate legal personality from the persons who created it. Thus for example, a company can sue in its own name; a mutual society would have rights and obligations seperate from its members; A university could have duties towards its employees…etc.

How many types of persons are there in law?

There are two types of persons, according to the country’s law: Natural, meaning a human individual capable of assuming obligations and holding rights. The second group refers to “legal persons,” which refers to entities endowed with juridical personality, decided upon by the courts.

Who are juristic persons in jurisprudence?

A juristic person is things, the mass of assets, a community of human beings or an organization on which one can apply the legal law. Juristic personality is the capability to have legal rights and duties.

What are two kinds of persons in law?

There are two kinds of persons: natural persons and juridical persons. A natural person is a human being. A juridical person is an entity to which the law attributes personality, such as a corporation or a partnership. The personality of a juridical person is distinct from that of its members.

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Which is a juristic person?

A juristic person is a non-human legal entity recognized by the law and entitled to rights and duties in the same way as a human being. … In other words, it is not an individual natural person but an artificially created person which is to be recognised to be in law as such.”

What is meant by a juristic person?

An entity, such as a corporation, that is recognized as having legal personality, i.e. it is capable of enjoying and being subject to legal rights and duties. It is contrasted with a human being, who is referred to as a natural person. See also international legal personality.

What is a juristic person in South African law?

A juristic person is a social entity, a community or an association of people which has an independent right of existence under the law. It can be ‘the bearer of judicial capacities and subjective rights,’ and the accompanying legal entitlements and obligations, just like a natural person.

Is mosque a juristic person?

While courts have held that mosques are separate judicial entities, the privy council has an opposing view. It states that mosques are not separate legal beings and thus cannot be sued.

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What type of business are juristic persons?

A sole proprietorship, partnership and business trust have no communal personality whereas companies and close corporations are juristic persons. The veil of juristic personality may be pierced in accord with the common law and legislature.

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Is state a juristic person?

State: state is a juristic person. It can sue and can be sued. Article 300 of the Indian Constitution provides; The Government of India may sue or be sued by the name of the Union of India and the Government of State may sue or be sued by the name of the State …..

What is natural person and juristic person?

All human beings are referred to as natural persons and are thus legal subjects. Juristic persons, however, can be defined as certain associations of natural persons, such as companies and universities. 3 They are viewed as entities and are also considered to be “persons” and thus legal subjects in terms of the law.

Is a business name a juristic person?

While some had maintained that a Business Name can only sue or be sued through the Proprietors as it is neither a legal nor juristic person and therefore cannot sue or be sued. Others have maintained a firm position that Business Names can sue and be sued provided the Rules of Court permits.

Is a trust a juristic person?

A trust is a legal entity which is created to hold assets for the benefit of certain persons or entities. It is not a juristic (legal) person but there are times when, in terms of certain statutes, a trust is regarded as having a separate legal identity (for example for tax purposes in terms of the Income Tax Act).

Is a partnership a juristic person?

Unlike trusts, companies and close corporations, which are considered ‘legal or juristic persons’, a partnership is not, and there are no formalities required in order to set up a partnership.

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