Frequent question: Why did the hack driver misguided the lawyer?

Why did the hack driver misguide the lawyer?

Ans. The hack driver misguided the lawyer and openly droves him all over the village. He took him too many places such as Beninese’s Mustafa, a barber shop, Gray’s barber shop, Pool room, and his mother’s farmyard. … The lawyer could have been more protective in some ways.

What does the hack driver do to help the lawyer to look?

The hack driver misguided the lawyer and led him on a wrong path since he was himself Lukens and did not want anyone to find about him. Explanation: He could have been more proactive by paying attention to what people said about Lukens. He instead wasted his firm’s money by touring the entire village.

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What did the hack driver do after befriending the lawyer?

What did he do after that? Ans. After befriending the lawyer, the hack driver who was Lukens himself offered to ‘search for’ Lukens to whom the lawyer had to serve the summons. He first took the lawyer to Fritz’s shop, then to Mustafa’s and Gray’s barbershops and then to the pool room.

What did the hack driver tell the lawyer about Lutkins?

Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard fellow to catch and he was good at deceiving people. … Considering that the lawyer had come to collect some money from Lutkins, he informed him that Lutkins owed money to many people but he had never even paid anybody a cent.

Why was the lawyer sent to New mullion Why could the lawyer not complete his work on that day?

He was wanted as a witness in a law case. But he tried to avoid the law. So, he posed as a hack driver and cheated the lawyer who went to serve summons on him. … So, that’s how the lawyer could not complete his work on that day.

Why was the lawyer in the hack driver not happy with his job?

Answer: The lawyer had got a job as junior assistant clerk in a very good law firm. But he hated his job because he was not given the job for preparing law cases instead he was sent to the sinister areas of the city to look people and serve them summons.

Why did hack driver helped narrator?

Explanation: The hack driver offered to help the narrator to look for Oliver Lutkins as he thought of playing a prank on the narrator. The hack driver himself was the Lutkins. When he came to know that the narrator had never seen Lutkins, he planned to make fool of the narrator.

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Was the help offered by the hack driver?

Answer: The hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins himself. He did not wish to take the summons and go as a witness. So, he pretended to be a hack driver. He offered to help the lawyer so that the lawyer could not come to know about him from someone else.

Do you agree that the expression taken for a ride fits the story the hack driver like a glove why why not?

Answer: Yes, the expression ‘taken for a ride’ fits the story like a glove. As Oliver Lutkins posed to be a hack driver and kept his identity hidden from the narrator, the entire time, we can tell that Oliver had managed to gain his trust and was simply fooling around with him.

What was Bill’s motive behind helping the lawyer?

He knew that the lawyer is searching for him. He wanted to play a prank on him and offered to help him find Lukens. Even he made some money in this process and made him wander here and there. He and his mother made a fool of the narrator and had great laughter.

How did the hack driver amuse the author?

He impressed the narrator by his simplicity and pleasant appearance. He introduced himself as Bill. The hack driver made a complete fool of the narrator by taking him to all the places where he could find Lutkins but every time missed him by a fraction of minutes.

Why did the lawyer hate his work?

Explanation: The lawyer hated his work because he was working as a junior assisstant clerk. He expected that he would be asked to prepare legal briefs. But against his hopes, he had to serve summons like a private cheap detective. He had to go to the dirty and shadowy places and meet criminals.

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What did the hack driver tell the?

Answer: The hack driver told the young lawyer that all the four restaurants in the town were bad. He suggested that only for half a dollar his wife would pack up the lunch for them and they would eat at Wade’s Hill. So they did not go to a restaurant. Question 16.

What did the hack driver say about?

Answer: He (hack driver) says that Oliver Lutkins is not an honest person. He owes money to many people. But he never pays anybody a cent.

Why did hack driver tell narrator about Lutkins mother?

Appearances are often deceptive. The narrator reaches a village in the search of Oliver Lutkins. He meets a hack driver at the station. … He takes him on a tour of the entire village in search of Lutkins.