Best answer: What do knowledge management lawyers do?

As a Knowledge Management Attorney, you will be a member of the Knowledge department and will work closely with corporate partners and leadership to support the practice’s KM needs and initiatives by providing foundational knowledge tools and by optimizing relevant technology solutions.

How much do knowledge management lawyers make?

The salaries of Knowledge Management Attorneys in the US range from $168,000 to $252,000 , with a median salary of $210,000 . The middle 67% of Knowledge Management Attorneys makes $210,000, with the top 67% making $252,000.

How does knowledge management help law firms?

Legal Knowledge Management (or “KM”) helps law firms win and keep business. For law departments, it supports more efficient and effective operation. … It consists of both processes and systems that identify, save, profile, disseminate, and use prior work and accumulated expertise to solve legal and business problems.

What is a knowledge management job?

Summary: The knowledge manager is responsible for promoting and utilizing the company’s knowledge assets. They work both internally through the company and externally with the company’s capitalist, stakeholder and client. They serve as consultants to promote the oneness of each department of the company.

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What is knowledge management counsel?

KM Counsel (sometimes referred to elsewhere as “Practice Support Lawyers”) are former practicing shareholders and associates now tasked, on a full-time basis, with capturing and organizing the collective knowledge of a firm’s (or legal department’s) attorneys, whether that information resides within the attorneys’ …

What is a PSL in a law firm?

Professional support lawyers (PSLs) are a creation of English law firms. They were first deployed by magic circle and other City firms in the early 1990s, primarily to draft and maintain standard form precedents.

What is a knowledge development lawyer?

The role of the Knowledge Development Lawyer is to support their relevant practice groups’ and the firm’s KM initiatives to enhance the group’s quality of know-how, and its efficiency and profitability in line with its business objectives.

What do you mean by Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management (KM) is the interdisciplinary process of creating, using, sharing, and maintaining an organization’s information and knowledge.

What legal knowledge means?

Legal knowledge is an ac- tivity of mind, a way of doing something with the rules and cases and other materials of law, an activity that is itself not reducible to a set of directions or any fixed description. … Legal knowledge is in the end not factual but rhetorical and imaginative.

How much does a knowledge manager make?

The salaries of Knowledge Managers in the US range from $18,722 to $500,001 , with a median salary of $90,992 . The middle 57% of Knowledge Managers makes between $90,993 and $226,931, with the top 86% making $500,001.

What can you do with a knowledge management degree?

Some careers those with a knowledge management degree can pursue include:

  • Database Administrators.
  • Data Management Analyst.
  • Health Information Management Specialists.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Network Administrator.
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Who is responsible for maintaining a knowledge management system?

Knowledge Management Process Owner

Has the overall responsibility for ensuring the suitability of the Knowledge Management process to the organization.