When you Need the Help of a Lawyer

Occasionally the expertise and skills of a personal injury lawyer are worth the money you’ll need to pay for their representation. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may need the help of a lawyer:

  • The complex legal rules that surround your personal injury claim may be hard to understand
  • Hiring a lawyer shows an insurance company that you’re serious about your claim.
  • The severity of the injuries may result in a compensation claim that might be greater than the award for the average personal injury case.
  • A lawyer may also be needed if the insurance company refuses to settle the claim in good faith.


The following types of accidents and injuries are likely to result in the need for representation:

Long-term injuries

Some accidents result in injuries that have a profound effect on a sufferers appearance or capacity for a long period of time; occasionally the effect may be permanent. Working out how much a serious injury could be worth can be quite difficult. An experienced lawyer can work with you so you get as much compensation as you can.

Toxic Exposure

If you think you have become ill due to toxic exposure you may find that your claim is almost impossible to prove. Regardless of whether you have fallen ill due to contaminants in the water, soil, air, or in food, you will need scientific proof that you have fallen ill due to exposure. This is where a lawyer can help you, working to navigate the legal minefield that many industries have set up, despite their continuation to expose some people to toxic chemicals.

Medical Malpractice

If you have been injured as a result of unprofessional, careless, or incompetent treatment from a nurse, doctor, clinic, laboratory, or hospital, it would be wise for you to hire a lawyer to represent you. This is because a lawyer will know how to navigate the complex legal rules and medical questions that you may otherwise find too complicated.

Severe Injuries

The amount of money that you’ll receive will reflect the severity of your injuries. The severity of your injuries will also be determined by the type of injuries you are suffering from, how much your medical bills are, and how long it should take you to recover.

Although the amount of compensation that you’re likely to receive may appear to be increasing, the amount by which your compensation may fall will also become apparent. If you would like to receive as much compensation as possible, you will need a lawyer to work on your case.

When your Insurance Company will not Pay

Regardless of how you have been injured, and how much you are suffering, some insurance companies may refuse to pay. In these circumstances, a lawyer will fight hard to get you as much compensation as possible, even if the insurance company or government agency has thus far refused to pay anything.

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How to Find a Lawyer

Looking for a lawyer may be easier than you think. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for a referral, or simply look for a lawyer who works in your local area. Once you have found lawyer, tell them about your case, include as many details as possible, and ask how they can help you. If you’re not satisfied with the first lawyer you find, look for another one as they may be able to offer you more help at a different price.

Finding the right lawyer could help you to navigate the often complicated world of law, legal terminology and medical terminology too, resulting in compensation that you may have otherwise missed out on.

If you currently are suffering from a personal injury and are unable to read ‘When you need the Help of a Lawyer’ please watch our Injury Pedia video so you can gain the Personal Injury Information and Answers you are seeking.

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