You asked: What is a barrister desk?

The Barrister Desk features a center flip-up top for laptop usage and storage. Three storage drawers, plus 2 hidden drawer compartments for valuables. Two electrical cut-outs. Material: Mahogany and mindi solid hardwood & veneers.

Why is it called barrister bookcase?

The barrister bookcase gets its name from English lawyers (barristers) from the 1800s. Lawyers used these books because the closed doors would keep their books in place if the cabinets were moved. Barrister Bookcases are a great way to keep your books protected from sunlight, dust and moisture in the air.

What is a barrister bookcase?

A barrister’s bookcase is a modular piece of furniture. The style was marketed as an “elastic bookcase” by Cincinnati based manufacturer Globe Wernicke in 1898. Each shelf is a unique stand-alone element having a glass door with an up-and-over mechanism.

Can you stack barrister bookcases?

With the Barrister Bookcase’s interlocking, stacking shelf system, it’s easy to add on or re-arrange shelf sections to store everything that sparks joy, especially if you want to bend Marie Kondo’s rule on the number of books to keep.

What is a etagere bookcase?

An étagère (French: [etaʒɛʁ]) or shelf is a French set of hanging or standing open shelves for the display of collections of objects or ornaments. … Similar to the what-not, the shelves of the étagère provided extra space for the display of the accumulation of knickknacks that was typical of Victorian home decor.

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How can I be a good lawyer book?

Best books for law students and fledgling lawyers

  1. #1 The New Lawyer’s Handbook: 101 Things They Don’t Teach You in Law School. …
  2. #2 The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue, and Win. …
  3. #3 Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future. …
  4. #1 The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law.

What is the difference between a bookshelf and bookcase?

A bookcase is a close-sided unit that literally encases books and is designed to sit on the floor, while a bookshelf does not have encased ends and is usually designed to hang on a wall. … In contrast, bookshelves are not usually permanent fixtures.

What is a breakfront bookcase?

Definition of breakfront

: a large cabinet or bookcase whose center section projects beyond the flanking end sections.

How do I remove a barrister bookcase door?

2 Answers. Unscrew the rollers on both sides. Lower the door so it’s parallel to the back. Push one end back into the cabinet until the pin is free of the side slot – or start with the door at the back, and pull one end forward until it’s free of the side slot (and then keep pulling forward to remove from the case.)

How deep is a barrister bookcase?

Vintage barrister bookcases are expensive due to their quality construction. Their shallow depth at around 12 inches makes it tough to fit larger objects. The shelves usually cannot be adjusted for height. Barrister bookcases have glass doors that are easy to break and get dirty.

What is a whatnot shelf?

whatnot, series of open shelves supported by two or four upright posts. The passion for collecting and displaying ornamental objects that began in the 18th century and was widespread in the 19th stimulated the production in England and the United States of this whimsically named piece of furniture.

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What is US etagere?

: a piece of furniture consisting of a set of open shelves for displaying small objects and sometimes having an enclosed cabinet as a base.