How to Prove Someone Ran a Stop Sign

If someone has run a stop sign and they hit you, you will have to prove that the other driver ran that stop sign. This is especially the case if the driver who hit you denies they were at fault.

In a car accident case, the plaintiff (The injured party) will need to prove that it’s likely the defendant was negligent. They will also need to prove that the negligence caused or was likely to have caused your injuries. This means that if someone hit you after running a stop sign you will need to gather evidence.

Get the Witnesses Details

If anyone witnessed your accident you should try to get their names and their contact details. These details could prove to be very useful as your lawyer may wish to contact each of the witnesses and ask them what they saw. Car accident cases are occasionally a matter of one person’s word against another person’s. This is why it is crucial you get the witnesses details.

Taking Photographs ASAP

One of the best things you can do is to take photographs of all of the vehicles involved in the accident, and from a lot of different angles as soon as possible. You may also want to take photographs of any signs and intersections nearby, You should also consider photographing skid marks and debris as they can prove invaluable.
You must make sure that you take photographs before you have your car repaired. You may also want to think about taking photographs of the at-fault driver’s car as they could help to prove who was responsible.

Call the Police

In some states, you are required by law to tell the police if you have had a car accident and someone is injured or property is damaged to the value of $500 or $1,000. Regardless of whether someone was injured or property was damaged you should get it all on record as quickly as you can. This means you should call the police and inform them that the other driver caused the accident by running a stop sign. Even if the other driver chooses to deny running a stop sign at least you have it on report.

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Proving Liability

Once you have gathered all your evidence together your lawyer can use it to help prove liability. If you were able to get the contact details of any witnesses your lawyer will contact them. If what the witnesses say turns out to be helpful the lawyer may take a recorded statement. In a car accident case, the testimony of a witness is crucial. Insurance companies and juries tend to believe witnesses as they will not benefit from giving their evidence. It a witness can say that the defendant (The at-fault driver) ran a stop sign you could win your case.

Photographs and physical evidence can also be used to prove who is liable. In addition to this, the damaged caused to your car is often good enough evidence to prove what happened and which driver was at fault.
If you were involved in a car accident and you think another driver was at fault please make sure you speak to a lawyer as soon as you can, and show them any evidence you have as it could prove vital to your claim.

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