Duration of Personal Injury Settlement in Denver Colorado with Resources Provided

Whether or not you’re caught in a personal injury situation at Denver Colorado, knowing the personal injury claim process can be beneficial. The manner to tackle this procedure is based on the type and specifics of damages sustained.

What’s the duration and process of a personal injury claim in Denver Colorado like?

No two personal injury cases are ever alike. Hence, there’s no certain way to provide an accurate time frame of your claim. In this article, for a rough timeline, a general overview of the steps involved to obtain your personal injury coverage is presented. Of course, if you wish to have further clarification, we recommend that you seek personal injury legal support here.

Before you read on further, personal injury scenarios that occur in Denver Colorado can include the following:

  • Injured on the job
  • Private or commercial vehicle accidents
  • Injured on premise accidents

If you’re a victim of the above mentioned situations, the below information can be of high relevance.

A personal injury settlement can last from months to years.

1st year to resolve your individual harm dues

Consider to engage a personal injury attorney at Denver Colorado

During this season, time and financials are important factors for any personal injury claim resolution. When faced with individual harm from an accident, seeing a doctor and reporting immediately to an employer or police can support you.

Personal injury situations can involve work stoppages, severe injuries, or even chalking up huge sums of medical bills. This is when it’s recommended that you seek personal injury lawyer assistance here.

The personal injury settlement case begins

After selecting your personal injury attorney, the paperwork and process will kick off. The party that caused your harm will be notified with your intentions to file the injury claim. Please note that according to the case, there’s a possibility of a dismissal as assessed by the court at this stage.

2nd year approaches: When the case is accepted by the courts, the discovery process starts

At this phase, the situation can last between six months to more than a year. Facts will be dug up and evidence will be gathered. This can include medical documents, photographs, police reports, witness statements, messages and so on.

When enough evidence is gathered, the insurance carrier and the other party involved is required to respond. Any disputes that arise from the accident will be investigated here. Also, there will be added time extension to your injury claim with regards to the Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) from an authorized medical physician.

A note on what MMI is about:

This refers to an assessed situation by a designated medical practitioner whereby treatment towards the sustained injury will not improve your condition. Your MMI is an element that will determine the amount of your personal injury claims.

Finally, after investigation and MMI is cleared, you’ll then proceed to attempt the personal injury settlement. Ways to clear this include mediation, negotiation or arbitration. Usually, cases will be finalized and closed here. If not, a lawsuit can be filed.

3rd year onwards: Heading for a trial, verdict and collection

During the trial, both parties involved will continue the investigation with evidence. Witnesses can be called in to give statements. The judge will be the one providing the ultimate decision for the case and passing off a verdict.

The offender can appeal against the verdict passed such as wanting a claim settlement lower than what the jury established. If the plaintiff triumphs, the defendant has to pay the earlier set amount of money. In a case where the appeal succeeds, a fresh trial or settlement arises.

After which, a collection is put in place. The plaintiff is entitled to receive the funds either in a whole sum or divided payments as indicated by the jury.

Summary of Personal Injury Claim Duration

In a nutshell, the time period of a personal injury claim in Denver Colorado is reliant on the following:

  • Level of severity of personal injury case

Take for example, a minor slip and fall case or car accident is considered to be less intense when compared to a situation with fatality occurring.

Here’s a ranking of severity of injuries (this is where MMI assessment by approved medical physician will take place):

Mild injury – sprains on any body parts

Moderate injury – broken bones on less critical body parts such as fingers or toes

Rather severe injury – head, neck and or spine damages

Highly severe injury – brain damage or fatality

When an accident is more severe, going through courts will therefore extend the time frame.

  • Extent of costs arising from damages

The rule of thumb here is that lower amounts of a thousand bucks or less will take a faster time to clear. If your personal injury amount is greater than a million dollars, claims will take an even greater duration to resolve. This is due to the larger the amount, more investigation efforts are required and defendant’s level of willingness to settle.

  • Court jurisdiction

If a lawsuit is required to be filed, the courts decide when the dates for court hearing are. Be prepared if timings can change last minute.

  • Defendant’s willingness to settle personal injury claims

Not all the time you’ll be faced with a defendant who is willing to give in and settle with you easily. That’s when a lawsuit may be filed and all this lengthens the duration of personal injury settlement.

Please note that it is vital to file any personal injury lawsuit in Denver Colorado within 2 years from your accident’s date. If you don’t adhere to this, your claims can be rejected from reaching resolutions in court.

Personal Injury Support Resources in Denver Colorado

Here’s a list of details and resources that can aid you in times of any personal injury situations at Denver Colorado.

Support Resource Details Contact
Denver Colorado Police Denver Police Department Emergency:

Police Administration Building 1331 Cherokee Street Denver, CO 80204

District 1:
1311 West 46th Avenue Denver, CO 80211

District 2:
3921 N. Holly Street Denver, CO 80207

District 3:
1625 South University Blvd Denver, CO 80210

District 4:
2100 South Clay Street Denver, CO 80219

District 5:
4685 Peoria Street Denver, CO 80239

District 6:
1566 Washington Street Denver, CO 80203
Vehicle Towing Red’s Towing (720) 303-733-7809
Tow Metro Denver 720-571-8268
Affordable Towing and Recovery Co. 720 481-5838
DC Towing 720-330-8787
Denver Colorado Ambulance Services Medical Transport Services (303) 564-6636
Denver Colorado, Fire Department Denver Colorado Fire Department Emergency:
(720) 913-1311
Denver Colorado Medical Emergency Denver Colorado Emergency Health 303-739-1211
AFC Urgent Care Denver (303) 300-1000

You can be caught in a work stoppage, severe injuries, or even chalking up huge sums of medical bills.

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