Should a lawyer do CS?

Is CS good for law students?

Advantages of having a CS degree along with a degree in law

The course of the Company Secretaryship improves the chances of a law student to get placed and more than that it opens the gate of several career opportunities. … Qualifications matter a lot in getting better opportunities throughout the career.

Is CS a good option after LLB?

Law student often go for CS course after completing their Law degree as they can get very good job in corporate sector becuase of their virtue of being so knowledgeable in their area of specialization. CS is also known as legal advisor of the company. It is a ideal course if done with or after law course.

Can a lawyer become a CS?

Law +CS is a great combination for the career growth and in the industries too candidate having a CS with Law degree are preferred most . CS is a field that deals with the legal side of the companies and its a good career option for those students who wish to make their career in the corporate law.

Is CS easy for law students?

But I am personally of the opinion that with satisfactory time management it is fairly easy for a law student to crack CS Examinations. Securing a rank may require a little more effort. I had put in about a months’ preparation; however, it was only possible because most of the subjects were covered earlier in the LL.

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Is LLB necessary for CS?

llb is not essentially necessary with cs but ,CS+LLB is surely the best option so far making career in CS field is concerned. Furthermore, if you have no interest in LLB, you can do one thing, select a college where attendance is not compulsory and you just need to attend the exams and get the LLB degree..

Is LLB better than CS?

CS is niche professional skill. … LLB graduates has wider scope in comparison to CS because lawyers are employed in law firms, business companies and they can do independent practice in field of law such criminal law, civil, taxes, IP etc. CS with law is the most demanded professional in business world.

What is the salary of CS LLB?

Employees as Company Secretary And Legal earn an average of ₹26lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹8lakhs per year to ₹50lakhs per year based on 300 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹42lakhs per year.

Can I do LLB CS simultaneously?

Yes, you can pursue both the programme but you need to maintain time management. Both programs requires time to study due to the vast course module, dedication and commitment. So according to me, you should focus on either BA LLB or CS according to your calibre and interest.

Can I do law after CS?

both the answer is no you cannot. Either you can practice law by having your vakalatnama or you can practice as a C.S.

Which degree is best with CS?

Now look at the course details clearly from below:

  • CA with CS. The course of Chartered Accountancy is also a preferred course along with CS. …
  • L.L.B. with CS. Let me put my favourite option at number one i.e. LL. …
  • MBA Finance with CS. …
  • Certification Programmes by ICSI. …
  • NCFM Course. …
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA-India)
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How tough is LLB?

Q: Is studying LLB difficult? A: LLB, whether three year or five year, is not a very difficult course to pursue as compared to other professional courses such as BTech and MBBS.

What should I do for LLB?

List of exams can be taken to pursue Law education in India

  1. CLAT – Common Law Admission Test.
  2. AILET – All India Law Entrance Test.
  3. LSAT – Law School Admission Test.
  4. LSAT-India – Law School Admission Test (LSAT-India)
  5. SLAT – Symbiosis Law Admission Test.
  6. BHU BLAT – BHU BA LLB Admission Test.