Question: What sight did the lawyer find at the station agreeable?

Ans. The lawyer was severely disappointed when he viewed the sight of New Mullion. Its streets were rivers of mud. But the only agreeable sight was the delivery man he met at the station.

What was the only agreeable sight according to the lawyer?

The only agreeable sight about the place was the delivery man at the station. He was about forty, red-faced, cheerful, and thick about the middle. His working clothes were dirty and well-worn, and he had a friendly manner.

What did the lawyer tell the bill?

The lawyer (the narrator) told Bill that he came there to serve a summons on a man called Oliver Lutkins. He was a witness in a legal case.

Why did lawyers find Lutkins?

Answer: The lawyer is sent to New Mullion to serve summons on a person named Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He had expected the place to be a sweet and simple country village.

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Why did the narrator have his lunch at New mullion?

Answer: The narrator was hungry. He wanted to offer lunch to the hack driver too. The hack driver suggested that they would have lunch prepared by his wife on Wade’s Hill.

Why was the lawyer rejoiced at his new assignment?

Why did the lawyer rejoice at his new assignment? Ans. Working in the dirty and shadowy parts of the city was becoming more dangerous and difficult for the lawyer. He was overjoyed when his law firm sent him out forty miles out in the country to a town called New Mullion.

What does Bill say about the hack driver?

Answer: Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard person to find as he was always busy in some activity or the other. He owed money to many people, including Bill, and had never paid back anybody. He also said that Lutkins played a lot of poker and was good at deceiving people.

What was Bill’s motive behind helping the lawyer?

He knew that the lawyer is searching for him. He wanted to play a prank on him and offered to help him find Lukens. Even he made some money in this process and made him wander here and there. He and his mother made a fool of the narrator and had great laughter.

Why did the joy of the lawyer turned into disappointment?

The joy of the lawyer turned into disappointment when he reached New Mullion because he had thought it would be a beautiful, idyllic place; but It turned out to be quite a dirty and squalid town.

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How much did the narrator have to pay the hack driver?

Answer: The narrator hired Bill’s hack at two dollars an hour. 12. Bill told him that they could find Oliver at Fritz’s place and suggested him to remain behind him.

Why did the lawyer did not find Lutkins?

The lawyer could not find Lukens because the hack driver, Bill himself was Lukens. ‘Inca the lawyer had not seen or met him before, he could not identify him and Lukens took adman tautly. And he played a practical joke on the lawyer.

What did the postmaster do them?

The postmaster gatherd some money from his employees and he himself also gave part of his salary and sended it to Lencho. Postmaster tried to help Lencho by collecting some amount of pesos for Lencho. … The postmaster decided to help Lencho.

Where did the lawyer and Bill get their lunch?

They had their lunch at Wade’s hill which is a beautiful place. By now the lawyer was fully convinced that Bill is a generous and helpful person. He even started comparing city people and villagers.

Why did lutkin’s mother behave badly with the lawyer?

Answer: Lukins mother behaves badly with the lawyer because she knows that the hack driver is only the one, to whom the lawyer is finding. So this the reason, that she was reacting badly as showing that she doesn’t know the hack driver.

How did hack driver befool the lawyer?

How did the hack driver befool the lawyer? Answer: The hack driver was able to befool him as he had not seen Lutkins before. He took him around the village on the protect of searching for Lutkins.

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Where did the lawyer have his lunch in New mullion?

The narrator had his lunch on wade’s hill at the new mullion and the special about the lunch is the narrator enjoyed the woods and meadows while had his lunch.