Do you think the lawyer was duly able How could he have avoided being taken for a ride?

Answer: It can be said that the lawyer was gullible. He could have avoided being taken for a ride if he had noticed what the hack driver was doing. The hack driver was the one who did all the talking and the lawyer remained a mere spectator.

Who befriends the lawyer in New mullion where does he take him?

Answer: A hack driver at the station, who called himself Bill Magnuson, befriends him. He told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins and would help in finding him. Bill took him to all the places where Lutkins was known to hang out.

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Why did Bill take him to various places in New mullion?

He was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He was frustrated by the routine life of the city. As new Mullion was located forty miles in the country, he expected New Mullion to be a sweet and simple country village.

Did the lawyer and the hack driver find Lutkins at gustaff’s Barber Shop What did gustaff say about Lutkins?

What did Gustaff say about Lutkins? Answer: No, they did not find Lutkins at Gustaffs barber shop. Gustaff told the hack driver that he had neither seen Lutkins nor he cared to see him.

What did Lutkins and his mother tell their Neighbours about the lawyer?

He keeps telling the lawyer how deceiving Lutkins is and scares him of Lutkins’ mother. The villagers and Lutkins’ mother also join him in deceiving the lawyer. Question 3.

Why was the lawyer sent to New mullion Why could the lawyer not complete his work on that day?

He was wanted as a witness in a law case. But he tried to avoid the law. So, he posed as a hack driver and cheated the lawyer who went to serve summons on him. … So, that’s how the lawyer could not complete his work on that day.

What was Bill’s motive behind helping the lawyer?

He knew that the lawyer is searching for him. He wanted to play a prank on him and offered to help him find Lukens. Even he made some money in this process and made him wander here and there. He and his mother made a fool of the narrator and had great laughter.

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Why did the lawyer rejoice when he came to know that he was being sent to New mullion?

Ans. The author was sick of the city life. He was happy to go to New Mullion because he thought that he would get peace and natural beauty there. He went there to serve summons to a person named Oliver Lutkins.

What did the lawyer think of new mullion on his first visit?

Ans. During his first visit to New Mullion, the narrator failed to serve the summons to Oliver Lutkins because he was duped by a hack driver. The Chief of the law firm was very angry over his failure. The firm needed Lutkins very badly because he was an important witness in a case in the court the next morning.

How did Bill manipulate the innocence of the lawyer?

He deceived the lawyer throughout and also made money by taking the lawyer around. Thus, he was able to make a fool of the lawyer by taking him all over the village without success, as the lawyer did not recognise Lutkins and so did not realise that it was Lutkins himself who was taking him around.

Why was the lawyer happy about the day?

Why was the lawyer happy about the day? Ans. The lawyer was asked to go to a small village, New Mullion, to serve the summons to Lukens. He was happy to go as he had expected the countryside town to be green and refreshing – a respite from the crowded, noisy, dry atmosphere of the city.

Why was the lawyer in the hack driver not happy with his job?

Answer: The lawyer had got a job as junior assistant clerk in a very good law firm. But he hated his job because he was not given the job for preparing law cases instead he was sent to the sinister areas of the city to look people and serve them summons.

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What was the lawyer’s first impression of Lutkins Why did he change his opinion about him later on?

Answer: The lawyer was quite irritated to serve summons and look for a witness in a case, due to which he was in New Mullion. He felt that the whole town gave off a wrong image and sounded more depressed and less interesting.

Do you think that the lawyer was gullible?

ANSWER :Yes , the lawyer was a gullible person. He immediately tells the hack driver the purpose of his visit. the hack driver takes advantage of this and takes him round the town. he also charges from him a very high fare for this.

Why do you think Lutkins Neighbours were enough to meet the lawyer?

Lutkins’ neighbours were anxious to meet the lawyer because they wanted to meet the person who could be befooled easily. … The lawyer served as a junior assistant clerk in a magnificent law firm. He was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case.

Why did Lutkins Neighbours want to meet the lawyer?

Answer : Lutkins took the lawyer all across New Mullion in search of Lutkins himself. He successfully fooled the lawyer – an educated man of the city. … According to Lutkins, his neighbours were the only people in town who had missed seeing the lawyer and hence, wanted to meet the lawyer.