Can an advocate become LIC agent?

Can a advocate become LIC agent?

under law an Advocate cannot to do a work other than an Advocate. You may pray for suspension of your license of Advocate and then you may work as LIC Agent. only after surrendering your bar license, otherwise you’ll be prosecuted for professional misconduct.

Who is eligible for LIC agent?

Eligibility Criteria for LIC Agent Exam

The minimum age limit of the LIC Agent exam is 18 years. The candidate must have completed their senior secondary education, i.e. [10+2] from a recognised board. The candidate must accomplish 100 hours of training at a LIC training centre.

Is an advocate an agent?

The authority-agency status affords the lawyers to act for the client on the subject matter of the retainer. … Secondly, the implied authority can always be countermanded by the express directions of the client. No advocate has actual authority to settle a case against the express instructions of his client.

How much does a LIC agent earns?

The statistical data suggest the average income of an LIC agent to be Rs. 39,200/- to Rs. 67,000/- per month. The figure varies depending upon the number of policies an agent sells and amount of premiums paid by the policy holders.

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Can an advocate do LLM?

Bar Council of India (BCI) have passed a resolution dated 23.1. 2010 at the counsel meeting held on 18th and 20th december 2009, where it was decided that the Practicing Advocates can join in LLM Courses as Regular Students without suspending the practice.

Can advocate be a partner?

An Advocate shall not enter into a partnership or any other arrangement for sharing remuneration with any person or legal Practitioner who is not an Advocate. … Every Advocate shall keep informed the Bar Council on the roll of which his name stands, of every change of his address.

How can I become a LIC advisor?

Here are the steps to apply for becoming an LIC agent:

  1. Visit the official website of LIC.
  2. Click ‘Be an Agent (Individual)’ under Join Our Team menu tab.
  3. Click ‘Apply-Now’ located on right side of the page.
  4. Fill in the application form to take it ahead with the branch office.

Is LIC agent a good career?

2] Attractive Remuneration: LIC offers one of the best remuneration systems in the industry that not only takes care of your current earnings, but also guarantees an earning for the future. As LIC agent, you can set your own income targets with a potential to earn as much as you want for the rest of your life.

How can I join LIC?

The recruitment process of different exams in Life insurance corporation is mainly done through written exam and interview. LIC Exam Posts are as under: LIC AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer)

Recruitment of LIC exam for HFL post is conducted in three-phase:

  1. HFL Online Examination.
  2. Interview.
  3. Medical test.
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Who is more powerful police or advocate?

If you ask a layman that who is more powerful a lawyer or police officer, no doubt the answer will be the police officer. … Lawyers only have the power is their outstanding knowledge of the law, they use their knowledge of the law as a weapon and stands before the Court of law to defend and save their client.

What is the power of advocate?

Correspondingly, every advocate has the right to enter any court in any related matter. An advocate also has the power to enter the Supreme Court. He can even be present in any court to observe the proceedings, whether he has a case or not or whether he is connected to that case or not.

Is lawyer and advocate same?

A lawyer is a general term used to describe a legal professional who has attended law school and obtained a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree. An advocate is a specialist in law and can represent clients in court.

Do LIC agents get stipend?

LIC Agent also gets a monthly stipend of INR 80 to 90 lakhs per year from LIC. … Retirement benefits or the gratuity up to INR 200,000 will be given if the agent completes the business guarantee of the 15 years.

Is there any target for LIC agent?

An LIC agent is required to sell minimum 12 policies per year, and if he fails to achieve this, he has an option to complete the target in another one year. But in the third year, if he fails to get 36 policies, his registration gets cancelled.

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Who is the top LIC agent in India?

The top 50 Agents on NOP basis

Rank Agent Code Agent Name