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Have you been injured and looking for a trusted source to provide quality information and professional advice to expedite your recovery?

Injury Pedia has a 3 Phase program designed to aid you in dealing with your injury. Our 3 phase process is fast and efficient. A quick over view of the process.

  • Paralegal Research Team – Our Professional staff of Paralegals researches the laws and statistics that include the State, County and City you were injured in. This research also includes research on type of injury and long term effects.
  • Medical and Well Being Team – A complete staff of dedicated professionals reviews the injury report assembled from our paralegal team. Our team consist of professionals who look at the physical, psychological and emotional aspects associated with your injury.
  • Legal Team – Based on the type of accident, the injury sustained and the location, Injury Pedia then assigns a personal attorney to you case to help you recover to the greatest degree. Compensation includes treatment for your health and well being long term. Needles to say financial compensation is a key part of this.

Our History

A few years ago, a team of personal injury professionals chose to make a difference to the lives of those who had suffered personal injuries.

Understanding how difficult it can be to navigate legal terminology and make a claim, the P.I. professionals decided to make the process easier. Those who have never ventured into the claims or legal world needed easy-to-understand information that would bring them closer to their desired goals.

After many cups of coffee, a few too many cookies, and much discussion Injury Pedia was formed and has since helped people all over the country.

We pride ourselves in helping you to get the compensation you need or to help you find a Personal Injury lawyer who can represent you.


meet Our team

Paralegal Research Team

Our Paralegal Research Team is comprised of what could best be described as Young and hungry highly educated interns working to break into our team of top attorneys. Study of local law and research into awards for cases like yours is a fast and efficient process. The reports they provide go to our top legal team. These young professionals know an excellent report is the best way to get noticed by our top attorneys. This assures You a Great comprehensive start to a excellent settlement.

Medical and Well Being Team

Injury Pedia is concerned about Your Entire Well Being. This does not stop with the physical condition of your accident. Trauma experts who truly understand the effects of PTSD from getting rear-ended to the psychological effects of dealing with a boss after filing a workman’s compensation case. Our team evaluates the medical, psychological and emotional effects of your injury and includes the report to our top legal team.

Legal Team

Injury Pedia has assembled a complete team of Legal experts in Personal Injury. The depth of our team allows us to match a top notch attorney to your case that has experience with the type of injury and location of your injury. Having a personal attorney appointed to your case that knows the local laws, court officers and Judges in your area can make a huge difference in your settlement. Our attorney have a complete medical team they can lean on when working with insurance companies. We have the resources and talent to get a quick fair settlement from your insurance company if you choose to by pass litigation.


Our Work and Community Investment

Our work is important to us as it allows you to navigate the personal injury world with ease. We invest in our community so that you all have the skills and information you need to get the answers you’re looking for.

We know how stressful the claim process can be, which is why we aim to reduce that stress so you can get the help you need when you need it the most.